Summer is Coming

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With summer fast approaching you may be thinking its time to dust off your fishing gear, check the boat has survived the winter, and then head out on the water! But wait, is the boat seaworthy and ready? Do you remember the ‘rules of the road’?

Many people only use their boat every now and then, and Its easy to forget some of those rules, which side do i pass? what is a lateral mark? If you have been away from the water for a while it might be time to refresh some of those skills. The good news is that Licence to Boat is here to help!.

Come out for a few hours with Licence to Boat and our professional and friendly instructors will take you back through the basics and even teach you some more advanced techniques.

Our refresher courses will cover the following from the RMDL:

  • Vessel handling
  • Docking
  • Anchoring
  • How to rescue a person overboard
  • Basic engine and boat maintenance
  • Basic collision regulations

We have all seen the person on the boat rump fumbling around looking lost, don’t let that be you! Book a refresher course and let us show you how to look good while Boating!

Private tuition is available by request contact us for details.

For More details about our refresher courses see our Refresher Course page.

For a safe boating checklist from MSQ see:

MSQ Boating checklist

Summer is Coming
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