Refund policy

If a practical course is cancelled by ‘Licence to boat’ for any reason, Licence to Boat will offer to re-book the course for another time.

In the event a client cannot attend a booked practical course and providing at least 24 hours notice is given, Licence to Boat will re-book the course for another time at no additional cost.

If a client does not show up on the day of the course without providing the minimum 24 hours notice to ‘Licence to Boat’, refunds will only be provided at the discretion of ‘Licence to Boat’. Note: A Minimum $150 re-booking fee will apply.

If a client shows up on the day but has not completed the required prior online learning, they will not be able to undertake the practical part of the course. Note: A Minimum $150 re-booking fee will apply.

Licence to Boat will not refund courses if clients fail to meet the competency and assessment standards on the day.

Licence to Boat reserves the right to cancel any clients course without notice, or offering a refund in the following situations.

  • The client purchases a course knowing the are unable to meet current health directives.
  • The client does not arrive on the day in a sober and fit mental state to conduct training.
  • It becomes apparent that the client has failed to declare any medical conditions that would either; prevent them from participating in the course or obtaining a licence.

Licence to Boat will not offer refunds to clients who have started the course, including starting the online theory course and then change their mind, or are unable to complete the course.

It is expected that clients will complete the online and practical session of their course within 1 year of purchase. If 1 year has lapsed since the course was first purchased Licence to Boat reserves the right to increase the cost of attending a training course or cancel online course access without any further notice to the client.

Refunds will not be offered in any circumstance after more than 6 months from date of purchase.

Gift Vouchers are representitive of the cash value of the voucher at the time of purchase, if prices increase you may be required to pay the difference. No refund will be offered in the case of a price discount or specials. Gift vouchers will not be refunded for cash.

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